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I’m a new stay-at-home-dad that has decided to share his adventures. In my former life I was an IT professional for one of the top five banks in the U.S. I am married to a wonderful woman who I met through the website (if that is still around). She was going to college in San Francisco, we met at a bar, chatted for hours over black and tans and the rest is history.

We had our first son in August of 2011 and I must admit that while I was helping as much as I thought I could, IE “being the good husband” those first few months, I was nowhere near as engaged with my sons life nor did I have the same bond as I do now. As of the date of writing this “About” page (January 24, 2012) I have been “at home” with my son for seven weeks. That time has flown by faster than I thought it could… I do not miss my work, the challenge of corporate life nor the tough decisions and stress that came about daily.

I now get to wake up to a smiling and happy son who melts my heart each morning, there is no better reason to start your day!

  1. Hi! Thank you for liking my recent post, Monday Morning Thoughts. My husband is a stay-at-home dad as well…actually, we both are at-home parents at the moment. We could not be more thankful for having this dedicated time with our son.

  2. I have older kids, I am a writer by trade. I liked your blog because it was from a new dad’s perspective. Kind of intrigued me seeing a stay at home dad’s thoughts.
    It’s strange, cause everything has reversed now; with moms going to work, and dads staying home with the kids.

    • Well it just depends on who has the better career/salary (or at least in our situation it did). I’m just glad that I’ve had this opportunity to stay home with our son!

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