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It is Nap Time… Just Go to Sleep!

February 27, 2012

 It is Nap Time…. Just Go to Sleep!

Nap time is getting harder and harder during the day… I’m searching for ways to make it easier, for my own sanity!




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  1. My stubborn sleeper would almost always fall asleep in the car. So I tried to do my errands in the morning with the plan to drive home at nap time. She would fall asleep on the way home. But I couldn’t transfer her without waking her, so I’d leave her in the car in the garage (of course with the engine off!!! LOL) and put a baby monitor in the car so I could hear her when she awoke. This worked for several months. Otherwise I could not get her to nap reliably.

  2. jkvegh permalink

    Have you tried that lavender baby bath? This puts me to sleep (when I put a dab on my pillow).

  3. The title of your post made me laugh – I always say to my daughter: ” You are tired. Sleep.” 😉
    She is four months old !

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