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It is Nap Time… Just Go to Sleep!

 It is Nap Time…. Just Go to Sleep!

Nap time is getting harder and harder during the day… I’m searching for ways to make it easier, for my own sanity!



Carquinez Straight Regional Shoreline: Eckley Pier, Bull Staging – An Outing

Thomas and I checked out the Carquinez Regional Shoreline: Eckley Pier, Bull Staging a few times over the past week, check it out:

Dogs and Babies/Infants, Cats Too… What This is Like for Us

What is it like having a baby/infant and dogs/cat or pets in general?

Find out…

How to Make the Most of your Bonding Time

New article up about how to make the most of bonding time with your little one!

Thomas Found His “Voice” Today

Yes, Today Thomas found his… Voice!

Hidden Lakes Park, Martinez – An Outing

Detailing our visit to a great park and the wonderful place that it is 😉

Disciplining Your Child: How, When, Why

I posted up a new article about a class we attend on discipline, please check it out 🙂

Thomas Had His Six Month Checkup Today

Read about Thomas’ Six Month Checkup Today!

Sharing of Blogs – Things I Enjoy Reading

I’ve posted an article on all of the blogs that I enjoy reading, I hope you will find some that you enjoy too…

A Day at the Park, Imagination Awaits

We visited the park on Saturday where I got my first glimpse of a child’s imagination…

View the full post here: